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A neon-lit colony where daylight is scarce and humans live with bionic implants. Eos, a professional thief, is saved by a strange character, Carbon, who has a higher purpose for Eos and her younger sibling Vayle.

Photos by Abbi Chase



In a future where daylight is scarce, humans live with implants in a colony called Wizdom. Wizdom is run by a biotech corp that maintains its control by issuing mandatory pharmaceutical “W strips” to the colony’s occupants, Neons, via their eye to keep their bodies from rejecting the implants.



Eos, a professional thief, is driven by the thrill of the heist. Loot in hand, Eos meets Carbon, a mysterious outsider who tricks Eos and her younger sibling Vayle into taking a drug that is rumored to show users visions of the future and permanently enhance their vision and extrasensory powers.


See The Light...


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WIZDOM is actively raising funds to cover post production and VFX costs. If you want to see more of this project please consider making a tax deductible donation via our fiscal sponsor, Independent Film Alliance (IFA). 




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